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We have a full suite of reliable products specifically designed to simplify elevator phone installation by reducing footprints, quicker commissioning and system troubleshooting with “learn mode” and “line test”.

Our engineers provide the 
support for elevator technicians and system designers to best assist customers and gather feedback from the field to incorporate into new designs. All products have QR codes to directly access the user guides.

Product selection is simplified with customary add-on options supplied as standard features. Future enhancements are supplied with free upgrades via SD Card.

The present EmerCom engineering team has worked together for nearly a decade on emergency elevator communications systems; designing, developing, manufacturing and selling throughout North America, supporting the local industry as far as possible.

Why choose EmerCom?

  • Customer-focused Culture: Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service, satisfy your needs and build strong trusting relationships.

  • No-Charge for Support & Design: We are keen to be involved. We will ensure you have the information you need to make the best decision even for your most challenging designs. No Charge ... of course!

  • Reliable product: We understand our communication system is a minor component in an elevator installation but the consequences of failure are significant so reliability is essential. Backed by a 10 year warranty.

  • 100% Quality Control: Every item is subjected to thorough automatic and manual tests and a full battery recharge before leaving the factory.

  • Canadian Owned & Operated and Engineered “in-house”.


Contact us for assistance and recommendations for your emergency elevator communications.

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