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for Video and Access Control

Key Features

  • Cost-effective long-distance Ethernet bridge

  • Reliably delivers Ethernet to an elevator over standard traveling cable shielded twisted pairs

  • Capacity for both video camera and video display

  • Can multiplex 1-way or even 2-way video streaming and telephone voice to share the same pair of wires (optional)

  • Easy setup and operation

  • Gbps models available for greater throughput (1000 Mbps)


Description of Operation
The LAN-EX transmits high-speed Ethernet over long distances on STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) which is particularly relevant for elevator hoistways which are electrically “noisy” (both electrostatic and electromagnetic) compared to standard LAN Extenders requiring unshielded wiring which would be significantly more susceptible to noise.

The Long-Reach Ethernet Extender transmits Ethernet at rates as high as 100/100 Mbps over 1000’ (300m) over a single-pair phone line, supporting both symmetric and asymmetric transmission and selectable SNR options.

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