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Key Features

  1. Internal handsets (from the Consolidator or Machine Room) can call into any elevator, even overriding calls in progress to outside of the building

  2. "All Call" from on-site or off-site

  3. 2 concurrent calls

  4. "Learn" mode

  5. Bilingual voice prompts and French touchpad available

  6. Capacity: 2 phone lines and 6 or 12 elevators

  7. Expandable to 108 elevators with 10 phone lines

  8. Built-in Phone Line Monitoring (PLM) as required by Code

  9. Internal handsets can call off-site

  10. Video trigger per elevator

  11. Vandal-resistant #16-AWG Brushed Stainless Steel

  12. Box width 14.25" to fit (recess) between wall studs

Description of Operation
The EMCS or any Remote Phone can call into any of the elevator phones, prompting the caller to select which cab by touching the appropriate icon which lights-up as soon as the Consolidator door is opened. If an icon is illuminated green the station is busy on a call which can be overridden by any of the internal phones.

In the event of an entrapment or other emergency, an elevator occupant may press the “phone” button on the elevator control panel, causing the elevator phone to automatically call for help. The EMCS (Consolidator) routes the call to either of two phone lines connected or to the Consolidator or to the Consolidator then a phone line in sequence. The applicable station icon will turn green.

A phone line test feature enables on-site personnel who have access to the phone keypad to go off hook, listen for dial tone and call any phone number to test the system.


Call Routes Available

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